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Prof. Badru Dungu Kateregga on Scouting

Scouting emphasizes service beyond self.  It trains one in selfness, serving another for the sake of it, which is part of my ideas, because I do enjoy serving humanity and by serving humanity you automatically serve God. The fundamentals of scouting are so touching to my life and this is why I had to join it. In scouting there is volunteerism which is a good character trainer. It teaches discipline, time management, fellowship and others which I find dear. Currently I’m an international leader, chairman of national union of the Uganda National Scouts movement, Vice president of the international union of Muslim scouts based in Jeddah. To get all these I have sacrificed time, effort and money and I’m proud to be a true scout.

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National Union of Uganda Muslim Scout(NUUMS)

The National Union of Uganda Muslim Scout was established on 30th Oct 1992 following the 4th IUMS conference held in Islamabad Pakistan being a visionary idea by its founder Scouter Hajj Sulayiman Musana.

Uganda scout association is the mother body that works in accordance with the purpose, principles and method of scouting as conceived by the founder through the world structures of the world organization of scout movement. Scouting was introduced in Uganda by Rev Conon Grace in 1915 and continued to grow steadily where currently membership can be noted at 400,000 or more. Chairman of the council is Bishop Nelson Onono Onweng, the board is chaired by Hon. John Bahati and the National executive committee is headed by Eng. George Samuel Onepi and the secretariat is headed Mr. Richard Okello. Headquarters housed at B.P House Wandegeya Kampala.

NUUMS Purpose

In the Islamic spirit of brotherhood, peace advocacy, interfaith co-operation and Nationalism under the strategies set out in the organizations objectives, in the vision of Uganda Scout Association, under the major aims of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and the international Union of Muslim Scouts (IUMS).

NUUMS Main Objectives

  • To have trained Muslim youth leaders with leadership / life skills in carrying out Daawah and prevention / care of HIV/AIDS.
  • To strengthen Muslim brotherhood through Scout movement.
  • To empower Muslim Scouts in Uganda to get better understanding of Islam through Scout activities in order to deepen the spiritual trend in Scouting.
  • To learn and show the reality of Islam as a religion of peace and Create awareness for interfaith co-operation and nationalism through Scouting.

NUUMS Structure / Leadership Executive Committee

Amb. Al Hajj Prof. Badru D. Kateregga Chairman NUUMS
Vice Chancellor Kampala University. Chairman BDK Universities International
Al Hajji Sulayiman Musana Kawanguzi Secretary General NUUMS
NEC Member / Trainer Uganda Scout Association, Representative IUMS for Africa Region
Al Haji Abdul Nasser K. Kiwanuka Treasurer NUUMS
H/M Bweyogerere S.S.S NUUMS Coordinator Central Region
Al Haji Swalik Wasswa Masokoyi NUUMS Coordinator – Eastern Region
Senior Administrative Officer I.U.I.U, Asst. Chief Comm. Strategic Planning USA
Shk Haroona Maswanku Kaaya
Senior tutor Kabukunge P.T.C Programme Commissioner
Alhaj Muhammad Shaban Mubaje
Alhaj Muhammad Shaban Mubaje Rover scout / student I.U.I.U Programme commissioner
Hafswa Kabatoro Nalongo
Senior Woman Teacher Aide Primary School Scout leader Community development Commissioner
Sr. Asma Kanagwa
Secretary General Youth inter – Faith network – Uganda Rover scout, Research & Female Commissioner

The International Union of Muslim Scouts (IUMS)

The International Union of Muslim Scouts (Arabic: الإتحاد العالمي للكشاف المسلم) (IUMS) is an autonomous, international body committed to promoting and supporting Islam within Scouting. Its headquarters are in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The idea was first sparked in the 3rd Islamic Conference Summit, held in Taif, KSA (1981).
As a response Qatar scout association called for the first Islamic conference together with 1st Islamic Jamboree (Doha – January 1982). Establishment officially declared in Amman, Jordan (1989), during the 3rd International Muslim Scouts Conference. In August 1992, the 6th International Scout Conference, in Pakistan, certified the emblem, organization and the statutes of the IUMS.

IUMS Main Objectives

  • To develop an education curriculum that should contribute to structure and build the spiritual dimension in the personalities of young Muslims.
  • To motivate and promote Islamic Scouting on global basis.
  • To extend coordination and cooperation among IUMS members.
  • To promote and coordinate social, humanitarian and relief activities within the Union or in cooperation with non-Scout organisations of similar nature.
  • To introduce Islamic Scouting in such states where Muslims are residing.
  • To develop and promote the spirit of brotherhood and understanding among Muslim
  • Leadership training

Since 2006, IUMS has held an annual leadership training course in Switzerland, in conjunction with other organisations.

Religion in Scouting

Religion in Scoutingfor Peaceeligion in Scouting and Guiding is an aspect of the Scout method that has been practiced differently and given different interpretations over the years.
In contrast to the Christian-only Boys’ Brigade, which started two decades earlier, Robert Baden-Powell founded the Scout movement as a youth organisation (with boys as ‘Scouts’ and girls as ‘Guides’), which was independent of any single faith or religion, yet still held that spirituality and a belief in a higher power were key to the development of young people.
Scouting organisations are free to interpret the method as laid down by the founder. As the modern world has become more secular and as many societies have become more religiously diverse, this has caused misunderstandings and controversies in some of the national member organisations.