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Amb. Al haji. Prof Emeritus Badru Dungu Kateregga is a man who wears many hats. Among them are the following : he is Owekitibwa (member of the great Lukiiko of Buganda Kingdom): a former Ambassador of Uganda of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Iraq and Palestine. He is one of a few Ugandans upon whom the tile of national Hero has been bestowed (the Nalubaale medal of Service in honour of his contribution to the liberation struggle in Uganda)

Early Life and Career

Prof Badru Kateregga was born on Saturday 4th December 1948 to the late Al-Haji Kateregga of the Emplogma (Lion) clan and Omulongo ( a twin) Hajat Nakato Aisha Namusoke of the Empeewo (antelope family) clan in Kabasanda village, in the former Butambala County ( now a district) in Buganda region of Uganda. He is the fourth born in a family of 27 children.

From his late father’s genes, Kateregga apparently inherited a love for academia, hard work , emotional strength and commitment to worthy causes. From his mother he seems to have been bequeathed with generosity, openness with a high sense of humor. His father appreciated the value of education, so he struggled thick and thin to ensure that his son got quality education in the time when several parents never took education seriously.

Educational opportunities in Uganda during Badru Kateregga’s infancy were limited. Few parents could afford to take their children to school at the time because of relatively high tuition fees, coupled with long distances to and from schools. It is also a fact that many Muslim parents at the time never discerned the importance of secular education. They believed that their children would be converted from Islam to Christianity. Some of them also falsely believed education was a waste of time and scarce resources.

  • 1956-1961 : Kabasanda Primary School, obtained PLE certificate-Grade I

The young Kateregga began his education journey at Kabasanda Primary School in Butambala county. After he completed primary school where he earned the Primary Leaving Exam Certificate and In 1964 Kateregga was admitted at Kibuli Secondary School in Kampala where he studied Arts subject, English, History and Literature in English which was one of his favourite subjects. Kibuli Senior secondary school at the time was a preserve for Muslim students. Religious knowledge was imparted to Kateregga while at Kibuli SS by his life-long friend Sheikh Ahmad Mukasa, Sheikh Edrisa Lutaaya of Buziga and Sheikh Buwembo.

  •  1964-1967 : Kabasanda Junior Secondary School, obtained a Junior Leaving and Senior Entrance certificate-Grade I 

In 1967, Kateregga sat the Cambridge school certificate of Education exams and passed with flying colours, he obtained a certificate with three principle passes and a subsidiary. He joined A level in the same school. Besides prayers, Kateregga worked hard at his books and often sough extra help from teachers. Some of his schoolmates were Eng. Badru Kiggundu, Ambassador Abas Lubulwa, Dr. Mohammed Serunjogi, James Sewankambo, Swaibu Mugambe and dick Senvuumo among others.

  •  1970-1973  : Makerere University Kampala, obtained Bachelors of Arts 

In 1970 Kateregga joined Makerere University and was offered a Bachelor of Arts course with a concurrent Diploma in education. He completed his first degree in 1973 with a BA(Hons) upper second and a concurrent diploma in Education with distinction. He emerged the best student in History, Religious studies and Philosophy in the faculty of Arts at Makerere University. His subsequent enthusiasm and hard work opened more windows of opportunity. He was soon rewarded with a scholarship to the university of London, at the School of Oriental and African studies (SOAS).

  • 1973-1975 : University of London at SOAS; Obtained MA (Middle Eastern Studies)

While pursuing his Master’s degree, he specialized in middle Eastern History and Islamic studies. At the end of his course and upon his return, he was appointed a full time lecturer in the department of religious studies and Philosophy in the faculty of arts at Makerere university.

In 1986, he lectured briefly as a visiting professor at the Mennonite University in USA and at the begging of 2010 he was awarded the Doctorate of letters and title of Professor Emeritus by the Senate of Kampala University, which defines as a person who is a role model.

  • 2013 : PhD (HonorisCausa) Ed. The East African University (TEAU) Kitengela, Nairobi- Kenya

In 2013 Professor Kateregga Badru earned a PhD at The East African university in Kenya.

From 1986, Prof Kateregga served as Uganda’s Ambassador to the Middle East, resident in Riyadh, under the title of “Ambassador Extra-ordinary and plenipotentiary”. During his tenure, he became the Dean of Diplomatic Corps that emanated from 120 countries. He achieved the following Ambassadorial achievements:

He reopened Uganda’s Embassy in Saudi Arabia, he secured plot 52 where the King Fahad plaza was built, and through his efforts it led to the construction of the plaza in Kampala.

He signed the statute to establish the Mbale based Islamic university in Uganda (IUIU) in 1987 with the OIC Secretary General, H.E Pirzada. As a result the university was granted diplomatic status, with attendant benefits and immunities. He prepared the curriculum for IUIU, which started with Islamic studies, Arabic and Education.

Kateregga also secured a grant of $100,000 that funded the rehabilitation of Kabasanda Technical institute and Kabasanda Primary School. Through his efforts , the first Afro / Arab Donors conference was organized in 1987, culminating into extension of the Islamic Fund and Kuwait fund to Uganda, the two have since funded several projects in Uganda.

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  • Awarded and decorated with the “King Abdul Aziz Royal Medal 1st.class- of The Kingdom of Saudia Arabia” by the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Arabia.

  • The chief commissioners’ award from the Uganda Scouts Association for exemplary work in promoting scouting and molding young people.

  • The Nalubaale Heroes medal of Honour (National Hero) from the President of the Republic of Uganda H.E Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

  • The visionaries of Uganda award from Uganda Visionaries.

  • The Nile Diaspora international Film Festival (NDFF) Award from the film makers for educating film makers at Kampala Film School.

  • The peace Award bestows by the International interreligious Federation for world Peace- Washington DC.

  • An Award from Kibuli S.S (2013) in recognition of dedicated services to Kibuli S.S as an old student.

  • The independent medal by the president of the republic of Uganda Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in recognition to contribution towards education development.

  • 2014 winner of the World Savers Excellence award for education category – male personality due to outstanding efforts of supporting the education sector.

  • The Pearl of Africa Role Model, Mentor and Coach 2015 from the board of directors of the World Savers Excellent Networks for being a selfish less servant.

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Duration Responsibility
1985-1986 Prof Kateregga served the Mennonite University community, Virginia USA.
1986-1996 Uganda’s ambassador: Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.
1990-1996 Dean- African group of Ambassadors accredited to Saudi Arabia.
1996-2000 Dean of all Ambassadors (120) accredited to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
1996-2000 Member of university council, Nkumba University.
1993-1999 Director and one of the founding members of the Greenland group of companies.
1980-2010 NRM historical member and currently, Chairman NRM institutions in Makindye Division.
2009 Co-Chairman 3rd World Scout-Inter-Religious symposium Uganda.
Vice-Chairman Buganda Tourism Board, Mengo Buganda government.
2009 to date Chairman National Union of Uganda Muslim scouts (NUUMS).
Member international Union of Muslims Scouts – JEDDAH (IUMS).
Member of Uganda Scouts Association (USA).
Member of Skills and Education Committee, Uganda Manufactures association.
UNESCO consultant on Islamic Art and Culture-Paris.
Member Board of directors inter-religious council of Uganda (IRCU).
Member of programmes committee (IRCU).
Current Responsibilities
Owekiitibwa in charge of Education, member of The Great Buganda Lukiiko
Vice President of International Union of Muslim Scouts
Chairman National Union Uganda Muslim Scouts (NUUMS)
Chairman International Scouts and Guides Fellows Uganda Chapter
Chairman Board of Trustees, The East African University, Kitengela Nairobi-Kenya
Chairman Board of Trustees, East African University Rwanda, Nyagatare District
Vice Chancellor Kampala University
Chief Commissioner Buganda Royal Scout Movement
Chairman board of the BDK Universities Network